Visual Artist, Illustrator


Head Illustrator at Corporate Comics

Founding Member of The Scene-Stealers Collective

To me, art is the area of interest that I find the most enriching and invigorating. I have always admired the ability for art to express concepts in culture, emotion and the human condition in ways that no other medium can.

My initial encounters with art took place during primary school where I was able to use art as a means for testing the limits of my imagination. I continued to enjoy art as an outlet of expression well into my teen years, by which time, it had developed into a near obsession. During secondary school, I was able to develop some of my natural abilities using the skills taught in the classroom, however, I felt somewhat stifled by the restrictive climate produced by the curriculum. Despite this, I was able to persevere in order to achieve my personal goals and began to appreciate works of art other than my own and therein aimed to imitate those which I admired.

Upon leaving secondary school, I enrolled in the Art and Design BTEC at Strode College and found within it a community which fostered a collaborative culture of encouragement and improvement based on mutual admiration. It was within this community that I truly flourished and became much more expressive in the style and content of my art. I became addicted to the opportunities provided to me by Strode and took up every extra life drawing and sculpture class I could.

I have constantly sought to improve my ability, motivated by the reward of examining my progress and comparing my current self to my previous accomplishments. While this remains a key measure of my personal success, I have come to realise that until now, I have only measured my progress in terms of the aesthetic quality of my work. As my skills become ever better, I am now becoming more concerned with the intellectual content of my art and my ability to convey certain ideas with subtlety and style.