Director and Cinematographer – Jonathan Joe Luboya

Animator and Co-Director – Nino Meriano

Piano By Kevin K Suherman
-Bach Chaconne in D minor

Premiered at Royal Academy of Music ‘Summer Piano Festival’ London, July 1st, 2019

Showing at ‘Bloomsbury Festival’ Chancellors Hall, Senate House, London, October 16, 2019

“Kevin Suherman collaborates with visual artists Nino Miguel Meriano and Jonathan Luboya in a transformative performance. A collaboration of music and moving image that displays a narrative informed by Bach-Busoni Chaconne in D minor. The pianist and artists draw inspiration from the atmosphere and architecture of a majestic Cathedral to create an intense yet beautiful production ‘Maria’. ”

-Bloomsbury Festival (2019) New Wave Lunchtime Concert: Giant Leaps from TS Eliot to Interplanetary Travel. Available at: (Accessed:13/07/19).