Witch Please

Happy Quarantine Halloween 🎃

Witch Please was an online drawing class taught by julietsugg. The class involved a series of timed drawing tasks with spooky prompts to help inform the drawings. As you might have already guessed the prompts where Halloween themed.

30 minutes

It was nice to challenge my drawing ability with timed drawings, ranging from 30 seconds to 40 minutes. Beginning the class with quick drawings, creating an image in just 30 seconds fourses you lot loosen up and brings a nice sense of movement to the drawing. Alongside this these warm-up drawings allow you to translate this approach into the longer drawing tasks, keeping that sense of motion in a longer and more complete image.

40 minutes

This haunted house is the perfect place to social distance this Halloween 👻
Someone said this piece gave them a feeling of loneliness, although I’m not lonely as I get to spend everyday with someone very special to me, I am missing my friends and family who I haven’t seen in so long. I’m sure there are people not as lucky as me to have someone with them day to day in these strange times and my heart goes out to the people spending this Halloween alone.

Thank you for reading,

Nino Meriano.

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